Designer's Source for Sculpted Architectural Elements

Pineapple Grove Designs' creates sculpted design elements for architects, designers and project decision makers around the globe. We design and fabricate original works of Architectural Art intended for permanent installation.

Architectural sculpted medallions, sculpted frieze bands, architectural grilles, custom dimensional tiles, and custom sign panels are offered in Engineered Cast Stone (ECS), GFRC and now, new Enviro-Polymer Composite.

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Pineapple Grove's Enviro-Polymer Composite or EPC is specifically designed for high performance architectural castings requiring high tensile strength, non-toxicity and zero flame spread. Impervious to weather, EPC is exceptional for creating architectural details such as bas-relief medallions, perforated skin panels and architectural grilles. Years in development, EPC is the most advanced, environmentally friendly, safe to formulate and structurally sound composite material available today for fabricating architectural elements. EPC is made from water based high solids acrylic polymers which are cross linked with proprietary resins and hardeners and mixed with carefully graded alabaster and limestone aggregate. This matrix is loaded with structural glass reinforcing fibers and roving to produce an exceptional casting material with superior flexural strength, durability, shock and chip resistance. EPC is tough but also capable of replicating the finest architectural detail. The EPC casting has the appearance and many of the material characteristics of traditional fiberglass but is non-corrosive, non-toxic, will not out-gas and will not burn. The formulation can be integrally pigmented prior to casting or the finish cast can be readily painted, polished, patinaed or sealed. EPC products are available exclusively from Pineapple Grove Designs.

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Some colors and finishes in our catalogs may no longer be available, please contact us for our most current line of colors and finishes, or visit our Colors and Finishes page.