Architects worldwide specify Pineapple Grove Designs’ architectural art

on projects from East Asia to Europe to the Middle East and throughout all North America. Since 1988 we have completed over 100,000 successful projects in over 10 countries and every state in America.

Starting from humble beginnings nearly 30 years ago in the founder’s garage, Pineapple Grove Designs now occupies 50,000 s.f. of production facility including artist’s studio, mold making shop, casting, finishing and shipping areas. Our goal has always been to provide designers with quality, enduring work they will be proud to have on their projects.

Working in the media of cast stone, polymer/fiber composite, GFRC, and print, all architectural art is made in the USA by artists and craftsmen proudly fashioning raw materials into distinctive, finely crafted, and well-made work. All production methods and materials are continually re-evaluated for efficiency, minimal waste and to insure the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Classic and contemporary designs by Pineapple Grove Designs are carefully made with crisp details, sharply defined shapes, and meticulous finishes. Our work has contributed to the aesthetic character of private homes, government and institutional projects, universities, sports and entertainment complexes, highway projects, military bases and urban, State and National parks.

While offering a portfolio of readily available sculpted art panels is our specialty, creating custom, one of a kind, project specific art is our passion. Large in-the-round sculpture, bas- relief sculpted panels, “line art” style grilles, and enhanced giclée graphics are some of the ways we can contribute to the success of your project.

In addition to helping architects create successful built environments we are proud to also be helping the environment by building marine habitats in the form of artificial reefs that don’t look artificial. We put our extensive knowledge of materials and methods to work creating natural looking ReefCells that provide the most surface area suitable for attaching organisms and the most cavity space suitable for swimming organism habitat per square foot of ocean floor than any other manufactured reef system. Pineapple Grove Designs has donated these reef modules to build many successful shallow and deep water reefs. What started as a hobby has now turned into a major success for us to give back to the environment in gratitude for providing us with the raw materials we consume to create architectural art.